The Lake Eyre Basin is a very special part of Australia. It covers one sixth of the Australian continent and holds some of the rarest, least exploited ecosystems on the planet.


OBE cattle roam freely in this region, often referred to as the Channel Country.


The Queensland Government has indicated that it intends to make changes to  Declarations in the Lake Eyre Basin and develop an alternative management framework to provide a better balance between protection of the river’s natural values and sustainable economic development. It will be advised in this process by the Western Rivers Advisory Panel (WRAP).


AgForce is doing a short survey to gather information from their members in the Lake Eyre Basin so that a collective view can be taken to Government. Agforce would like to find out what natural values you want protected for the future and what developments (agricultural, resource or other) you think should be allowed to occur or be prevented from occurring.


To complete the survey please click here. Your individual responses will not be made public and this survey should only take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Your views are important and will inform the development of this new framework under which future development will be managed. Please ensure you complete your response by 7 January 2013 so your feedback can be included.


AgForce provides direction and solutions for members to overcome challenges and build on opportunities, and links rural and regional Queensland with urban communities.





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