Unit 4/14 Christine Place, Capalaba, QLD.

Australian Organic Meat Co. is Australia’s premier natural food provider sourcing Australia’s best organic meats, and free-range, chemical-free smallgoods. Owned and operated by the King Family, they have been in the meat business for almost 40 years. We asked the team some questions to find out more about their Brisbane based butcher.

1. Tell us about yourselves and your background/experience?

Steve has always been a butcher and Vicki grew up on a family farm. We went on to have a family business that supplied conventional meat, dairy and smallgoods products to hotels, cafes and restaurants.

2. What is the history of your business and how it has gotten to where it is today?

We came across OBE Organic while we had our old business and started to buy small quantities of OBE Organic beef for ourselves and to on-sell. At this time, our heart wasn’t in what we were doing, and thought that it would be good to start a business selling organic meat – products that we were proud to sell not only because of the health benefits of organic, but also to support sustainable and ethical farming practices. That’s when we started Australian Organic Meat Co. We wanted to be able to make quality organic meat available to more people. We started with wholesale and an online store and then added our retail store only opening two days a week, which is now open six days a week.

3. What are your motivators to be in the ‘meat game’?

We are passionate about the ethical treatment of the animals and knowing that they have lived a stress free and natural life, as nature intended. We are also passionate about organic, due to our own health journey and realisation of what’s actually in our food and how that affects us.

4. What was it about OBE Organic that motivated you to stock our organic beef?

We fell in love with the quality and unique flavour of OBE Organic beef. The main motivator was that this meat is certified organic, grass fed beef which is produced in the Channel Country.

We describe this meat as ’Seasoned by Nature’. The livestock feed on over 250 species of natural grasses, this beef has a unique flavour and tastes like real meat.

5. What are some of your top OBE Organic beef recipe recommendations for home cooks?

One pot roast beef chuck, rump cap roast, slow cooked Osso Buco, whole rib fillet roast, rump steak

6. How are you adapting to the ‘new normal’ of doing business during Covid?

We have noticed a shift to more online sales as well as having to adapt in store with offering click and collect for order pick-ups.

With what has gone on, we have noticed a shift in people wanting to take care of their health and look after themselves with nourishing food.

7. Have you seen a shift in the type of products consumers are seeking (eg: buying certain cuts, trying new cuts, asking for recipes)

More people are doing bone broths to help with their immunity and as the weather has cooled there is a shift to slow cooking and roasts.

People are wanting to know where the food they eat comes from and how it is produced. I think with what has happened more people are also wanting to know they are sourcing Australian grown and produced food.

8. What are two things you are thankful for?

The amazing quality of beef we receive from OBE Organic and the relationship we have with OBE as a supplier.



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