G’day Mate!

No better time to tell you about OBE Organic Beef (USDA Certified Organic) from Australia than right now while your barbis (grills) are smoking hot. No need to be a wowser (killjoy) in the most glorious season for steak!Come in to Fairway, the only listed USDA dealer on their website (www.obebeef.com).

Let’s start with OBE cattle roaming the Channel Country or as you may already know it, the Outback. The OBE-bred cattle graze on the unique natural flora, native shrubs and over 250 native herbs and grasses that naturally occur in that area and provide the unique taste that is synonymous to OBE Organic Beef. This is the dinki di (genuine article)! Due ot the location and low incidence of pest species, organic practises have been implemented effectively without the need for pesticides, non-organic fertilizers, feed additives, growth promotants, chemicals or introduced feed.

What about taste? Great taste can’t scientifically be measured due to everyone’s unique palate, likes and dislikes but ask anyone who buys organic why they buy organic. Superior taste and good health are sure to be their top two answers.

Now, you know you have a choice, if not for yourself then do it for your anklebiters(kids). Put OBE Beef on your table. Don’t you and your family deserve the best your money can afford? Relax. We’re Fairway, you won’t go zak(flat broke). Great food, great prices…always. And that’s the good oil. (truth)

We hope you enjoyed our try at Aussie slang (italics)

For more information on Fairway Markets, please visit their website;


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