Cattle Farmers in Australia

Where do you live?

Epsilon Station (200,000 hectares), in the South-West Corner of Queensland.  We also own Mungerannie Station (600,000 hectares) near Lake Eyre in South Australia.  We run about 10,000 cattle, predominantly Hereford, across the two properties, and have eight employees.

Graham’s father settled Epsilon as a bare block in 1955 – there were no buildings, fences, watering points – nothing.

We began supplying to OBE Organic a couple of years after it was established, and Sharon was appointed to the Board of OBE Organic in October 2016.

Why do you supply cattle to OBE Organic?

The properties out here are so large they have always been virtually organic, because we never use chemicals or fertilisers.  Before OBE Organic was founded there was no way to sell cattle as organic – there was no buyer of organic cattle, it just didn’t exist as an option.

OBE Organic pioneered the organic opportunity for cattle producers 20 years ago, and while there were plenty of skeptics at the start, there are none now.

Our experience through the ups and downs of the past 20 years is OBE’s number one focus has always been to look after producers like us as best as they can.  I really like working with a company that wants to do the best it can for producers.

Why is producing organic food important to you?

We are proud to be able to produce and supply to the world a product that is free of any chemicals. Now-a-days many people are concerned with how their health may be affected by what they eat so being able to supply an organic certified product is very important to us.