OBE launches their organic beef burgers and meatballs in the South Australian market

“These are no ordinary hamburger patties and meatballs; they are made from prime Channel Country Beef which is 100% organic!”


What’s happened?

Certified Organic Beef Burgers and Certified Organic Meatballs are now available to food service outlets in South Australia. OBE Beef Pty Ltd has appointed Holco Fine Meats to distribute their value-added organic beef products through South Australia and the Northern Territory via their retail outlets and distribution networks.

Demand for organic food is driven by:

• Growing consumer concern about chemicals in food and the environment

• Health consciousness

• Specific dietary and allergy conditions

• The perception of organic tasting better

• The desire to get ‘back to basics’


Product Attributes

• Certified Organic by NASAA Ltd 4166P

• Made without any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

• Made with organic beef and organic onions

• Prepared from frozen

• 100% traceability

• Quality Control – All systems are HACCP accredited

• Cattle raised by farmers who practice sustainable and ethical agriculture

• Cattle graze the way nature intended on 250 species of native grasses and herbs, resulting in beef with sensational flavour

• The pastures are completely free of synthetic pesticides, and no antibiotics or growth hormones are ever used.

• Tasty high protein meals in minutes


About OBE – www.obeorganic.net

• Company established since 1996

• 80 000 head herd size

• Export markets include USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and the EU

• Organic Certifications include; NASAA, IFOAM, USD NOP and ACO

• Products include chilled organic beef, frozen trimmings, certified organic raw beef burgers and certified organic fully cooked meatballs


About Holco – www.holcofinemeatsuppliers.com.au

• Established for fifty years

• On-going commitment to quality systems and innovation

• Extensive product range including beef, veal, lamb, pork, poultry, kangaroo, small goods, sausages, organics

• Premium Brands


Products Available

113g Raw Organic Beef Burger

• 36 x 113g burgers / carton

• Cooked from frozen

• No thawing required

• Certified Organic by NASAA Ltd 4166P


150g Raw Organic Beef Burger

• 24 x 150g burgers / carton

• Extra large patties

• Cooked from frozen

• No thawing required

• Certified Organic by NASAA Ltd 4166P


Fully Cooked Organic Beef Meatballs

• 20g meatballs

• 3 x 1kg bags / carton

• Fully Cooked

• Can be reheated in the oven or microwave


Contact Details


Phone 08 8162 8400


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