On Monday the 1st of August, OBE Chairman David Brook welcomed Japanese clients to the famous town of Birdsville in Outback Queensland. Birdsville is in the heart of the Channel Country and is the main service centre for many of the organic cattle properties in the area.

The visitors made the long journey from Tokyo, Japan in order to gain an insight into the Channel Country and meet the people who live and breath the OBE Organic Beef story. They had the opportunity to view cattle being herded, followed by afternoon tea of tradional billy tea and damper cooked over the open coals.

Recent rains have produced beautiful displays of wildflowers.

Succulent native grasses have established themselves and our visitors learnt much about the nutritional benefits of Native Australian grasses.

Our guests dined on OBE Organic Tenderloin Steaks, and retired in the evening with a new appreciation of the special environment in which OBE Organic cattle are raised.

OBE Beef recognises the mutual benefits of encouraging our customers to visit us in the Channel Country. We welcome their interest in our unique production system.

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