One of the messages of National Agriculture Day is that agriculture is a fantastic sector to get a job in.

Agriculture employs more than 1.6 million Australians, and 80% of those are in off-farm roles. It doesn’t matter where you come from – if you’re smart and want an incredibly diverse career, agriculture is the place for you.

OBE Organic is a small company – just eleven employees currently – but a quick snapshot of our business shows just how true that is.

Our people grew up in cities, the outback, the country, and even overseas in South Africa and Brazil.

They went to one-teacher schools, school of the air, boarding schools and regular old primary and secondary schools, and they ended up with everything from high school certificates to PhD’s.

Three of our recent hires are from the University of New England. We have qualifications in business, international trade, agribusiness, applied science, mathematics, animal science, food business management, accounting and marketing.

Over half our staff are female. Over half our staff are young (although that depends which half you ask).

Some are pilots. Some speak European, Romance or Asian languages.

All of them have rewarding and challenging roles working for Australia’s oldest organic beef marketing company. Our people engage with farmers to buy cattle, find customers around the world for our organic beef, manage the intricate logistics of getting beef from processing to end customer, control our finances, deliver our strategy, and make sure the office runs smoothly.

All that in just one small company! Imagine what else is happening in agriculture!

The bottom line? There are so many amazing careers to be had in this amazing, growing industry, you would be mad not to look for jobs in our sector.

And if you’re responsible for careers at school, why not contact one of your state-based farming groups for resources you can use to tell students about this dynamic industry. The AgForce Qld School to Industry Partnership Program is a great place to start.

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