At OBE Organic, we’re proud of our 25-year history of building a community of organic cattle producers.  In particular, we’re famous for always looking to do things in new and better ways so we can deliver more and more benefits to the producers who supply us.

Now, we’re looking to continue that tradition of innovation to build an even better company – and we want you to be part of it.

If you’re an organic cattle producer or are in conversion, you’re invited to a special session in Roma to together build the organic beef company of the future.

In addition to the OBE Organic Board and management team, we’re bringing to Roma an incredible array of speakers including:

Where:  Explorers’ Inn Convention Centre, Roma

Please RSVP to Kim Stalley to attend.


Noon, Wednesday 21 August

  • Welcome lunch

1pm-5.30pm Wednesday 21 August

  • Understand how we manage the OBE Organic supply chain from producer to customer covering areas such as regional branding, currency management, logistics, shelf life management & marketing visits
  • Learn the foundations of data and the digital language that is used when data from different entities is stitched together across a complex supply chain
  • See the potential for sharing data & recognise the need for ‘track & trace’ technology
  • Hear from an expert about how practical cutting-edge technology is being used on farms to manage feral animals
  • Access training to keep our people and our families safe on the road and in trucks.

6:30pm Wednesday 21 August

  • Dinner

Thursday 22 August

  • Further discussion on what you need in an organic beef company and how we can use data to make a real difference to you and right along our supply chain
  • Chain of responsibility training to keep our family and animals safe.

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