Joyleen Booth

Joyleen lives in the heart of the vast South Australian outback, where communities rely on cooperation and shared efforts. Joyleen is deeply rooted in the values of community, conservation, and respect. She has played an important role in the stewardship of Murnpeowie Station over the past 18 years and has also been active in various community initiatives. This blog recognises Joyleen’s contributions to both the outback landscape and the people who call it home.

A Lifelong Commitment to Community

Joyleen’s interest in communities began early, shaping her belief that collaboration is the key to achieving common goals. Joyleen attended primary school in Birdsville and high school at Scots PGC in Warwick.

During her years living in Birdsville, she actively participated in fundraising for the Birdsville P & C Committee and Social Club, fostering a sense of unity among the residents of the outback. Her role as a Councillor on the Diamantina Shire for a decade exemplified her commitment to public service and community welfare. Joyleen accepted a Ministerial Appointment to the South Australian Outback Communities Authority, completing a six-year term. Joyleen is currently chair of the Wankangurru Yarluyandi Aboriginal Corporation. Joyleen is a member of OBE Organic’s Reconciliation Action Plan Committee.

‘OBE Organic has learnt so much in their reconciliation journey. Given the contribution of Aboriginal stockmen and stockwomen to the development of the Australian pastoral industry – why wouldn’t you want to acknowledge that? A vision for reconciliation signals to others you want to learn and show respect.’

Murnpeowie Station and Environmental Stewardship

In 2005, Joyleen and her husband Frank (Bully) Booth embraced a new chapter in their lives by moving to Murnpeowie Station in South Australia. Joyleen took on the role of Station Coordinator, overseeing the homestead’s operations. Her dedication to sustainable land management led her to attain a postgraduate certificate in Rangeland Management at UQ Gatton, a decision influenced by the guidance of Sharon Bell from Dulkaninna Station. This educational pursuit provided her with valuable insights into working collaboratively with the industry, shaping her approach to environmental conservation.

A Rich Heritage and Cultural Connection

Joyleen’s connection to the land runs deep; she is a proud Wankangurru woman, with a lineage steeped in cultural significance. Her grandmother, Maudie Neaylon (Arkawilika) left the Simpson Desert as a young child. Maudie worked extensively with renowned linguist Luisa Hercus, preserving the indigenous heritage of the Simpson Desert. Joyleen’s mother was Ethel Butler. Her father did the mail run with Tom Kruse and later was the camp cook on Adria Downs.

Her grandfather ran the mustering camp for old Mr Bill Brook. Joyleen has three sisters and two brothers. Joyleen’s respect for her cultural roots is palpable, as she emphasizes the importance of awareness and respect for the people and environment surrounding us.

Championing Organic Beef

For Joyleen, living in harmony with the land is not just a philosophy; it’s a way of life. She appreciates the opportunity to produce certified organic beef in the pure heart of Australia.

‘We live in the perfect environment to be producing organic beef. It’s nice to go out every day and not worry about chemicals.’

Joyleen travelled to Taiwan and Hong Kong with OBE Organic in 2008.

In her time off, Joyleen spends time with her children and grandchildren and of course, indulges her love for tennis and horse racing. She was introduced to horse racing by Brookie. (W.F.Brook)


Joyleen is a testament to the power of community, cultural pride, and environmental stewardship. Her story illustrates the impact one person can have when fuelled by respect, dedication, and a love for the land. Joyleen works with a spirit of cooperation and speaks about the importance of preserving cultural heritage and natural resources. Her wisdom and experience guides future generations in their endeavours to protect the environment and foster thriving, united communities in the Australian outback.

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