OBE Organic supplies certified organic, grass fed halal beef to global retailers and wholesalers. Our brand’s mission is to provide safe food to families of the world.

The land we raise cattle on plays a large role in achieving our mission.

Welcome to the Australian outback

Deep in the pure heart of Australia lies what’s known as ‘channel country’. Here, cattle are free to roam and graze across millions of hectares of certified organic rangelands. Unrestrained by barriers and gates, they eat on their own schedule, not their owner’s.

While many cattle around the world are fed a diet that suits the people in charge, OBE Organic livestock grazes on the unique herbs and grasses of the Australian outback. Their territory is ‘nature’s own salad bowl’ and is filled with nutritious wild vegetation.

The result is an all-natural organic beef that is raised without additives and sits at the highest level of ethical standards. This meat is leaner, has a deeper flavour and is more complex than its grain-fed counterparts.

Australia’s Channel Country

Just as the best winemakers work with terroir to impart unique characteristics to their wine, we believe everything cattle eat, drink, breathe and do goes into creating a unique flavour and quality.

The region where our organic beef is raised was inhabited by Indigenous Australians for approximately 20,000 years, with over 25 tribal groups living in the area. Before European settlers arrived, a vast trade network had been established running from north to south of this vast area.

And when we say ‘vast’, we mean it. Consider that some of our producers operate across an incredible three million hectares. Step onto their property and you’ll be stunned by the contrast between the harsh red earth and lush green pastures. You’ll spot helicopters hovering overhead as our producers muster their livestock across endless acres of land.

OBE Organic cattle are not crammed into sheds and force fed a grain-based diet. Their lifestyle could even be described as ‘luxurious’.

The highest quality organic beef

When people ask “What did you have to do to become organic?” The answer is “Nothing.”

The area gets its name from the numerous intertwined rivulets that cross the region, which cover 150,000 km². When heavy rainfall occurs, riverbanks overflow. The earth absorbs floodwaters and springs to life, resulting in over 250 species of native grasses, herbs and succulent plants. An oasis is created… a farm with no fences, where cows forage year-round and thrive without the need for herbicides and pesticides. Everything is fertilised by nature, creating nature’s perfect farm.

We refer to ‘Chef Mother Nature’ when allowing our cattle to roam free across the plains of Channel Country, dining to their heart’s content. Their unique, nutrient-dense, grass diet gives the resulting beef unmatched nutritional value, flavour and quality… and a difference you can taste.

OBE Organic products are truly free from chemicals. The countryside is not man-made or handmade. All cattle are free-range, enjoying the pristine ecosystem, which allows our farmers to farm humanely, alongside nature. Cows fatten year-round and have no need for food to be shipped in. They experience natural, organic, low-stress lives.

Integrity drives OBE family farmers to keep the Channel Country and its extraordinary ecosystem under sustainable organic agricultural practices. We have a proud history and are proud to have stuck to our original mission of producing the best organic beef.

The rewards come in the form of nature’s perfect meat. Healthy, safe, and with the incredible taste of the Australian outback.

Our 2022 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT captures our commitment to sustainability. It details industry-leading practices in sustainable agriculture, supply chain management and human resources. Access the report here.

Image Credit Gina Rieck

Click here to see more images from our photo collaboration with Gina Rieck. The images were taken on their 1 million acre certified organic cattle station in remote South Australia as well as on their farm in the South-East.

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