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When you think of a boutique butcher shop you can expect quality, service, and passion for the craft.

Heritage Meats exemplifies these traits. Owner, Bennet Lee, shares with us the inspiration and deeper meaning behind this passion project.

Having spent time in Australia and travelling abroad, Bennet has been in the business of sourcing quality meat from around the world for 8 years. He is of course passionate about meat, but not in the way you might expect.

“Food production is not our priority or goal, rather we see it as a means to conserve or regenerate land health & native biodiversity”. Heritage Meats was born from the desire to create a market for rare breed and native biodiversity conservation-based farmers, “as there was none at the time, and still is virtually non-existent here (Hong Kong)”.

Bennet is a firm believer in Regenerative Grazing as the future of food. “Our future will depend on a farming system that produces food that at the same time also regenerates degraded land back to health.  When managed properly, the right breeds of livestock and native grasses heal soil and biodiversity, everything else that sustains us will follow. Thus, the future of food is livestock – meat based, not crops”.

Enter OBE Organic. Dalene Wray, now the Managing Director of OBE Organic, was based in Hong Kong when the pair were introduced. “We had opened a branch office in Hong Kong to provide a base to expand business opportunities for OBE Organic in Asia and the Middle East. We were introduced to Bennet in September 2010 and have been doing business ever since”.

OBE Organic was founded in the 1990’s by a group of far-sighted producers based in the remote outback of Australia known as Kati-Thanda or the ‘Channel Country’. Their vision was to market their sustainably raised and naturally organic beef to the world. Successful in their pursuit, key producers for the OBE Organic brand see themselves as custodians of the land and maintain sustainable farming practices that have been successful for generations.

“The preservation of the ancient biodiversity that is native to Channel Country is the key reason why we love to work with OBE” said Lee. He describes OBE organic as “Ecological purity. Wild nutrition. Beyond organic”.

When meeting with Bennet face to face you only have to spend a few minutes with him to see that he is walking the talk. He takes a ‘nose to tail’ approach by utilising the whole animal (have you seen Heritage Meats Tallow Candles) and believes there is value in every cut. He talks about how he is thankful for “the opportunity to meet farmers around the world doing great things for our future and  the opportunity to tell their stories here in HK and build a sustainable market for them”.

If you are curious about trying OBE Organic grass fed beef Lee recommends for the home cook “for steaks, simply grill, little bit of salt, and taste the terroir of Channel Country”.  As for his favourite cut… “I can’t tell you our favourite cuts, otherwise people will want them too”!

Heritage Meats has swiftly adapted to the ‘new normal’ of Covid-19 by offering Home Delivery. “We’re promoting healthy, nutritious animal foods to boost people’s immunity”.

Want to know more? Check out Heritage Meats website and socials. For Home Delivery simply DM via Instagram or phone +(852) 2366 9905.

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