2006 Year of the Outback

South West Regional Recognition Awards ’The Mulgas’

The South West Regional Recognition Awards were launched in 1999 by the South West Strategy group and were developed to recognise the enormous contributions of many individuals and/or groups to the region in all aspects of rural life. The awards are designed to recognise outstanding contributions and promote the talents of local people within the region as well as promoting the region to all of Queensland and beyond. The resurrection of these awards in 2006 is especially significant with the awards also coincidng with the Year of the Outback.

The OBE Foundation is proud to sponsor the ’Development of Opportunities for Young People’ category. This is an award to those who have shown initiative and have worked tirelessly to develop and provide opportunities to the younger generation in our rural communities.

OBE Beef is a finalist in the ’Business Innovation and Alternative Enterprises’ category. This is an award to those who have contributed to the future economic viability of South West Queensland by the development and/or implementation of innovative business practises or through the development and/or implementation of alternative enterprises in the south west.

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