As a student of Bachelor of Agriculture with Central Queensland University, I was provided the opportunity to undertake industry placement during the last semester of my degree- a fantastic opportunity to gain first-hand experience in professional employment within the agricultural industry.

At the beginning of the year OBE Organic Managing Director, Dalene Wray, gave a presentation to our University cohort, presenting some unprecedented ideas on business and sustainability. Dalene is a leader in the industry, actively advocating for diversity in the workplace and displaying immaculate leadership skills. Dalene is and will continue to be a role model for myself and many other women in the industry.

An opportunity was presented to complete my final year’s placement in the Head office of OBE Organic. With potential to learn what it takes to produce and market the world’s best grass fed, organic beef (a fair whack of hard work, a community of far-sighted farmers and some marvellous Aussie country, if you were wondering!), it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Throughout my time with OBE Organic, I assisted Marketing and Sustainability Advisor, Chris Cosgrove, in developing the company’s 2018/19 Sustainability Report. Sustainability was a prevalent term throughout my degree, so I was confident I had it fairly-well covered. Nothing, within any book nor academic literature could prepare me for the immaculately considered level of sustainability intertwined into every single aspect of the running of OBE Organic.

Many students who undertake placement within a company end up re-sorting the filling, or in the position of chief coffee runner. My mentor, Chris, assigned me a project which was of real interest to the business, and one which was guaranteed to build upon my knowledge of agribusiness and sustainable livestock production. Chris was a fantastic mentor, presenting invaluable advice throughout all development stages of the report.

Since completing my time with OBE Organic I am more excited then ever to begin working within the industry. I am confident I will be able to utilise my new-found skills to positively contribute to the future sustainability of the agricultural industry.

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