Brisbane, QLD. 23 January 2017 – OBE Organic, Australia’s oldest organic beef marketing company, will launch its new OBE Organic Reserve range at the annual F&B Masters event hosted this year at Hilton Brisbane 23-24 January.

OBE Organic’s new Reserve range is made up of the company’s limited edition, certified organic, grass-fed beef resulting from recent rains out west in OBE’s primary production region, the Channel Country. Watch this new video to learn more:

Hilton’s F&B Masters event is a multi-faceted competition that allows Hilton staff from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji to showcase their talents to management and industry colleagues. “Hilton Brisbane and its Executive Chef, Hueman Lam are known for sourcing local, wholesome, sustainable foods; we’re very excited to launch our new Reserve range with a partner that values the provenance of our beef the way we do,” said OBE’s General Manager, Dalene Wray.

The OBE Organic Reserve range will be featured during the event’s gala dinner on 24 Jan. and throughout other components of the event where chefs will have the chance to cook with the organic beef.

“The past few months have truly been a gift from nature! Our organic properties have received a lot of rain (for Outback standards); that means our cattle are at their very best,” continued Wray.

Every few years The Channel Country, situated in the pure heart of Australia, is blessed with more bountiful than usual rains, which bloom the region into one of the most spectacular natural events on the planet as explained in this video from OBE Organic.

The cattle lucky enough to experience this phenomenon are infused with its super natural goodness, from the mineral rich waters to the succulent grasses and herbs. And the result is a super juicy and tender beef with an exceptional taste, one that embodies a rich and nuanced blend of the bounty of the land.

A champion of brand Australia, ‘True Aussie Beef,’ and all things Outback and Channel Country, OBE Organic plans to expand this seasonal offering to key customers around the world, especially upscale restaurants abroad. While much of OBE Organic’s chilled beef is exported, it intends to make some of the Reserve range available for key accounts domestically. Those interested in stocking OBE Organic beef are encouraged to contact the sales team in Brisbane at or +61 7 3062 9600.

About OBE Organic
OBE Organic is Australia’s oldest organic beef marketing company, established by a group of family farmers in Australia’s Channel Country. It is still family-farmer-owned, and now sources beef from throughout Queensland, NSW, and South Australia. OBE Organic helps committed organic beef producers flourish by providing consistently high organic premiums, a strong focus on improving producer’s profitability and innovation, and support for producers to convert to organic. OBE Organic’s safe and nutritious organic grassfed beef is sold to rapidly growing markets in Australia, Asia, North America and the Middle East.

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