On behalf of OBE Beef, Chairman David Brook, welcomed a number of representatives from Mac, (McDonald’s Asia-Pacific Consortium) to Birdsville on Saturday 10th March.

The group made a flying four-day visit to the Channel Country, as part of their itinerary whilst in Australia. A number of Mac’s Directors from the United States were on the Metroliner aircraft, which taxied to a stop in front of the Birdsville Hotel early on Saturday morning.

En-route from Cloncurry, the aircraft had made a slow descent into Birdsville over Eyre Creek which meaners along the edge of the Simpson Desert. They enjoyed the opportunity to witness the magic of Channel Country from the air after recent rains and subsequent flooding.

Their day was filled with a guided tour of the OBE organic beef property ’Adria Downs’ located to the west of the outback Queensland town of Birdsville. As McDonald’s buys a significant volume of beef ex Australia, the Director’s enjoyed the opportunity to visit such a unique cattle producing region of Australia.

On the edge of Lake Muncoonie, they shared barbequed OBE Organic Beef Burgers with the management and staff of Adria Downs Station, before returning to Birdsville with a stop on the top of the famous ’Big Red’ sand dune. The dune rises high above the Simpson desert claypans and it affords an unparalleled view of the area.

An evening at the iconic Birdsville Hotel provided an opportunity to discuss Australia’s National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) and how important it is to Australia’s Livestock Industry.

The Channel Country of Outback Australia is a unique region of the world. OBE Beef welcomes companies such as McDonald’s, who choose to gain a first-hand perspective of the Australian beef industry by visiting the area.

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