Each year, Agforce Queensland aims to highlight the best the industry has to offer from producer through to those in the food service industry.

In 2007, OBE was proud to be represented by our General Manager Simone Tully, as a finalist in the Rural Press Beef Achiever of the Year award.

Simone describes how the various links in the OBE supply chain benefit from their involvement;

“Our producers receive a great deal of satisfaction from their direct participation in the supply chain. They interact directly with retailers and wholesalers from various countries. The OBE network has met the needs of customers by providing a genuine point of origin for their products. One of the most important intangible assets to arise from the success of OBE is the pride and sense of achievement that flows back to the isolated communities across Queensland. We believe that we have contributed to strengthening the social and economic fabric of rural and regional Australia”.

Simone also explains how the OBE Organic Beef program benefits consumers;

• Provides traceability & a continuity of supply

• Instills confidence in the OBE brand with efficient and tailored delivery systems

• Provides availability of a range of high quality certified organic beef items

• Ensures confidence that OBE producers are responsible land managers

• Provides a genuine outback story that conveys the romance, tradition and integrity of a healthy food supply chain.

• The organic sector is leading the response to consumer demands for clean, green, safe, and healthy products.

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