The Stockman – an Australian legend – tales from the outback at our table.

On Saturday 31 October, dine on OBE Beef in the heart of the outback at the legendary Australian Stockmen’s Hall of Fame. This signature At Our Table event honors the significant contribution of the stockmen and women to the development and growth of the cattle industry in Queensland.

The stockmen have long been associated with the outback. From tales of heroism to stories of defiance against all odds, they were responsible for the many trade routes that stretch across the wide landscape of outback Queensland. They are and will always be an important part of Queensland’s history, past, present and future!

Try your hand at whip-cracking, enjoy the cattle dog displays, drink billy tea and yarn around the fire.

In 2009, Queensland celebrates its 150th birthday.  A number of projects and events are planned throughout the State and the State Library of Queensland is hosting one of these magnificent events – At Our Table.

At Our Table will host 10 special event gatherings throughout Queensland.  Each event will bring together a particular community for a culinary delight – perhaps a banquet, a dinner, a campfire or a picnic.


At Our Table will:

•explore the cultural influences on the growing, making and sharing of food

•showcase the remarkable stories behind the many recipes which have been passed down through the generations and between cultures.

Recipes carry the traditions, history and culture of their cooks and can reveal the story of an individual, a family, a community, a culture and/or how people have adapted to new and ever changing surroundings.



•introduce new experiences and taste sensations

•reveal the way cultures evolve

•reflect the place in which they are created

•can act as windows through time

Discover the many wonderful stories contained within the diverse cultures by which we are surrounded by participating in At Our Table.

We are producing an online publication to profile some of the recipes and the stories behind them. You will then have a record of the array of cuisines evolving in Queensland over the last 150 years.

Would you like to be part of these celebrations?  We invite you to share a recipe and a story from your history.

The State Library is dedicated to ensuring that At Our Table is used to highlight the extensive variety of fresh produce and cuisines available throughout the State of Queensland.



•Phone: 07 3840 7307 or 07 3842 9887


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