About the Collaboration

OBE Organic began in the nineties as the first and only premium meat exporter that was 100% dedicated to the production of organic beef in Australia. Formed by a group of far-sighted pastoral families, we had a vision to support farmers who operate in the pure heart of Australia, while supplying the world’s best organic beef to restaurants & retailers around the world. We have matured into a business to help people lead better, healthier lives. We are on a journey of collaboration, inside and outside our value chain.

In June 2023, we hosted Ms Ruth Faragher for work experience in our headquarters in Brisbane. As a young adult with Down Syndrome, Ruth is on a mission to enjoy her life. During her time with OBE Organic, Ruth joined our Managing Director, Dalene Wray for a series of meetings with our customers both in Australia and offshore (virtually). Ruth has travelled the world with her Mum, speaking at Conferences about her experience with Down Syndrome. For Ruth, it’s not just people with Down Syndrome, where inclusion matters. It’s about including everyone, all the time. ?

During our collaboration with Ruth, we will be introducing you to some of our customers in Brisbane, Australia & will be asking you lots of questions about beef. As an independent woman who loves her beef, Ruth is as interested as you are, to know more about you, our customer.

About Ruth Faragher

Ruth Faragher is a young woman with Down Syndrome. She enjoys being a self-advocate to advance understanding about Down Syndrome in the community.

She completed secondary school, receiving the Queensland Certificate of Education and then studied at South Bank college of Technical and Further Education where she gained a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

She enjoys working in the childcare sector and also public speaking. She is a founding member of the Queensland Down Syndrome Advisory Network, for Down Syndrome Queensland.

OBE Organic Oxtails
OBE Organic Oxtails
How do you cook oxtail? Slow cook Roast Stew Braise Soup
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Steve & Vicky King
Steve & Vicky King from The Australian Organic Meat Co
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Steak or Roast Beef Sandwich
A steak sandwich or roast beef sandwich?
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steak cooked
How do you like your steak cooked?
How do you like your steak cooked? Well done Medium Well Medium…
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OBE Organic sources livestock from the pure heart of Australia, including from…
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beef stroganoff
What’s the best ingredient for beef stroganoff?
What’s the best ingredient for beef stroganoff? Diced Beef Beef Strips
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what does inclusion mean
What does inclusion really mean?
As a young adult with Down Syndrome Ruth is on a mission…
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burgers or sausages
Burgers or sausages?
When feeding hungry little footy players, what’s their preference? Burgers Sausages
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Mince or Ground Beef
Mince or Ground Beef?
Where do you come from? Do you call this mince or ground…
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Organic grocery shopping
Organic grocery shopping
What organic food products do you always buy? Meat Milk Eggs Pasta
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OBE Organic Beef
OBE Organic is available to consumers around the world
OBE Organic Beef is available in various butcher shops & retail outlets…
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short rib or chuck rib
Short rib or chuck rib?
Is this a short rib or chuck rib?
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Stir Fry Strips
Stir Fry Strips
What’s the best marinade for beef stir fry strips? Soy Sauce Honey…
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Spaghetti Bolognaise ingredient
Spaghetti Bolognaise
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organic meat
Looking for organic meat? Take your pick!
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Ruth Faragher
Dalene Wray & Ruth Faragher
In June 2023, we hosted Ms Ruth Faragher for work experience in…
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sausage in bread
Sausage in bread
What’s your preference for toppings on an organic beef sausage in bread?…
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Market Organics
Dalene & Ruth at Market Organics
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