OBE Organic Group at Taroko Gorge with Taiwan Customers. Photo Karen Brook OBE Organic family farmers take great pride in learning about the culture of our customers. Here are some of our farmers visiting our customer in Taiwan.

We at OBE Organic take the business of etiquette very seriously. With customers around the world, from Amman, Jordan in the Middle East, through to Jakarta, Indonesia, in South East Asia, our certified organic beef is enjoyed the world over.


We have great respect for the people that we do business with and their cultures.


In order to ensure that our staff appreciate the cultural differences between our clients, we choose to empower them through education and training.


We recently invited renowned etiquette practitioner Ms Lainey Loneragan to address our staff over two afternoons, on the business of etiquette. Bursting at the seams with enthusiasm, Lainey skilfully reminded us that we set ourselves apart by good manners and thoughtfulness. It was a real confidence booster for staff who weren’t as well versed in the art of doing business. It was also a great leveller for staff who thought that they ‘knew it all’!


We are very proud of our staff. They enhance us. Our producers in Outback Australia rely on staff in our Brisbane and Hong Kong offices to be the face of our company.


The training doesn’t stop in our Brisbane head office. We regularly refer to our mentors for advice on the art of doing business in foreign countries. One of our favourite resources is the website of our friends at Illuminant. Their ‘Chinese Takeout’ series is a very logical, funny, easy-to-understand ‘takeout’ on the art of doing business in China. Most recently they provided advice on the use of colour in China, what to use and what to avoid;


‘White is a colour you must avoid for anything festive or celebratory (and that includes product launches) especially in the less westernised (that means most) regions of China. When giving gifts of any kind, never wrap in white’.


OBE Organic’s family farmers are proud to supply certified organic beef to customers from all over the world.

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