On Wednesday the 18th April 2007, OBE producers gathered in the outback Queensland town of Birdsville to welcome a group of eleven Japanese visitors. The group had made the long journey from Tokyo to Brisbane and then out to Birdsville .The purpose of the visit was to introduce the group, consisting of category managers, to the special environment that is the Channel Country.

It is the unique environment of the Channel Country which gives OBE organic livestock the ability to roam freely across vast areas of land. The certified organic livestock can graze freely on a diet rich in native herbs and grasses. After recent rains and flooding early in 2007 the landscape provided a bountiful display of flora for our guests.

Over two days, the group enjoyed visiting a local organic property, Adria Downs Station. Here they learnt about the day to day management of a vast organic cattle station while being given an excellent opportunity to view the livestock in their natural environment.

Across two evenings, they were treated to cuisine prepared by chef, Wayne of the Birdsville Hotel, along with a special banquet hosted by David and Nell Brook of Birdsville. They enjoyed OBE organic beef fillets, along with other Australian delicacies such as kangaroo.

A visit to the outback couldn’t conclude without trying our tradiotnal billy tea and damper, which the group enjoyed on the banks of the Diamantina River.

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