Welcome rain in the Channel Country

We are pleased to report the following widespread rain over a number of properties in the Channel Country;

Sandringham Stn       130mm

Ethabuka Stn                85mm

Kamaran Downs Stn      74mm

Bedourie                       83mm

Glengyle Stn                 50mm  Approx

Carlo Stn                      40mm      “

Cravens Peak Stn      40mm     ”

Cluny Stn                65mm

Birdsville                       18mm

Pandie Pandie Stn         22mm  Approx

Alton Downs Stn        17mm     ”

Durrie Stn                      35mm

Mt Leonard Stn              34mm

Cordillo Downs Stn         16mm

Murnpeowie Stn             15mm

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