Organic Beef Supplier Australia

OBE Organic cattle are sourced from vast properties up to 400,00 hectares in size, where they roam freely across ancient outback landscapes which have been mostly untouched by chemicals for millions of years.

It’s a production system that closely matches the grass fed, free ranging meat our ancestors hunted and that provided the original superfood for humanity to evolve.

And with Middle East demand rising for healthy and ethical foods, OBE Organic’s premium organic beef is supporting retailers’ bottom lines by meeting the growing demand for delicious, sustainable beef with an authentic provenance story.

“We’re Australia’s oldest organic beef exporter and have been supplying customers in the Middle East since 2012, so we’re excited that organic beef from our family farmers is helping families here live better, healthier lives,” said OBE Organic Managing Director Dalene Wray.

“Our farmers have been raising cattle the way nature intended for generations: no chemicals, no pollutants, no hormones.”

With a unique grass fed flavour – its beef is infused with the flavour of dozens of species of seasonal grasses, herbs and succulents the cattle graze on – an industry-leading sustainability program and a distinctive provenance, OBE Organic beef has earned a reputation that sets it apart.

OBE Organic offer chilled or frozen, Sea or Air Freight supply options to the Middle East.

The team from OBE Organic will be at Gulfood 2020, hall 4, stand A4-30.

Key facts

10-30% growth: Globally the organic market is valued at approximately US$30 billion, and Market analysts forecast annual growth rates between 10% and 30% around the world.

8 million hectares: OBE Organic sources cattle from family farmers who manage 8 million hectares of certified organic outback farmland. That is almost the size of the United Arab Emirates.

70% of our employees and 60% of our directors are female. We believe a diversity of genders and backgrounds creates a diversity of thinking that makes our business stronger.

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