If our founder and Director, Peter Schmidt could ask a cow one question, what would it be? “Why do you select certain plants and not others …. and how do you do it at night?” 


We posed a series of questions to our family farmers and have turned their responses into a short video series. You’ll learn a little about their love of farming (ranching) and you’ll also hear what they like to do in the spare time. You’ll have to watch the video to see what Peter gets up to in his spare time! We have made two versions of the video available on-line. There is one with English subtitles (subs) and one without (no subtitles). We’ve done this just in case some of our viewers have trouble understanding our Australian accents!



Peter is a founding Director and shareholder of the OBE Organic group and a specialist in beef cattle, sheep and wool production. He is a Bachelor of Rural Science, a Master of Rural Science, and a Master of Agricultural Studies.


Since the early 1990s he has guided the development of OBE Organic to a position of industry-leading strength. The company is now recognised around the world as the leading supplier of trustworthy, certified organic beef and lamb products. Peter is widely travelled throughout Asia, the USA and Europe, opening and developing markets for OBE Organic’s beef and lamb.


Peter and his family recently published a colossal Schmidt family history, titled ‘An Eye to the Sky’.


Although they cannot be certain they believe that this publication is one of the largest family histories ever published in Australia. Where most family histories run to about 50,000 or 60,000 words with a hundred or so photographs, An Eye to the Sky is approximately 725,000 words and includes about 800 wonderful photographs.


The books include both a history and comprehensive genealogy with hundreds of fascinating stories of real pioneering endeavour and adventure; this is without doubt one of the most remarkable family histories ever released.


There are approximately 1560 A4 pages in the two volumes which includes an astonishing collection of around 800 wonderful family photographs.


The total cost of this gigantic set of books is just $245. This is excellent value and the history will be a revered and treasured addition to your bookshelves.


Only 250 copies of this priceless, first edition family heirloom are now available.


To order and to ensure that you are able to obtain a copy of this priceless and limited edition family history publication, call one of the executive publishing committee:


Paul Schmidt or Copland Schmidt:

Phone 07 4691 6216

Email: corymbiapc@bigpond.com


Peter Schmidt

Phone 07 4654 0255

Email: peterschmidt2@bigpond.com


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