We posed a series of questions to our family farmers and have turned their responses into a short video series titled ‘The people behind OBE Organic’. You’ll learn a little about their love of farming (ranching) and you’ll also hear what they like to do in their spare time.


Paula Fraser is an OBE family farmer and is married to our Director and Founder, Scott Fraser. In this short 1.3 minute video she describes a little about her life in the outback and what keeps her busy. They have two children, Georgie and David.



Scott’s family has owned their land for over four generations and together with Paula, they own and manage an organic cattle and fat lamb operation. Scott’s family property, “Nooyeah Downs” is located 1100 km inland from the east coast of Australia. The property is situated on the Bulloo River catchment and floodplain system in the pristine Channel Country grasslands region. Scott and Paula’s 3000 fat lambs and 2000 cattle roam freely over 220,000 acres (890 sq. km) of certified organic land.


Their farm (ranch) is in a low rainfall area of Australia, receiving just 250 millimeters per annum. This provides perfect climatic conditions for organic livestock production as the low rainfall does not allow disease and pests to thrive. The floodwaters which travel slowly down through the inland river systems of the Channel Country provide nourishment for the organic pastures. The floodwaters across the property can be up to 20 kilometers wide and 30 kilometers long.


You’ll find the homestead of Nooyeah Downs just off the Bulloo River in Queensland about 1000 km west of Brisbane. Nooyeah Downs is at an altitude of about 121 m above sea level.


Their nearest town is Thargomindah, which is 32 km away with a population of around 210.

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