Thargomindah ’snow’ – QLD Country Life Thursday June 30, 2005

Fancy a skiing holiday in Thargomindah? This picture of the hail at Thargomindah were sent into Queensland Country Life by Thargomindah cattleman and former mayor Scott Fraser. Taking a back road into town after a storm to avoid the flooded Bulloo River, the Frasers happened upon these mysterious ice-flows beside the road at Wongetta, a property ownded by Ian and Lyn Glasson 10km south west of Thargomindah. Scott sent the following notes to explain the pictures he took:

’There was a lot of thunder and lightening about last night and we knew there was a storm across the road. On checking this morning, this is what we found. (At first) we were not sure it was the result of hail or snow. The leaves were still on the trees so if it was hail it was very fine. (After close inspection) it is actually really small hail – smaller than a pea. It looked a little smaller than the beans you get inside bean bags.’

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