Wow – hasn’t the new Stanford University study got people talking! It’s great to see that this report has been picked up widely in the media around the world. We are pleased to see that editors of websites, newspapers and the TV news believe that the organic food debate worthy of their attention.


So what does all this attention mean?

1. People are really concerned about food safety.
2. It is difficult to separate fact from fiction.


A quick internet search of the Stanford Report reveals the following recent headlines;

  • Organic food no healthier than non-organic – study (Reuters)
  • Study questions how much better organic food is (
  • Organic food adds no vitamins for extra cost (Bloomberg)
  • Why organic food may not be healthier for you (GBP)
  • Study sees no nutritional edge in organic food (USA Today)
  • Organic food eaters pay top dollar despite little evidence of health benefits (Herald Sun)
  • Organics safer, no more nutritious than conventional foods (ABC News)


Interpretation of the Stanford report seems to vary widely between media outlets;


Yahoo News Singapore posted; the following under the heading, Organic food is not healthier, say Stanford researchers


 ‘A new large-scale study from Stanford University in the California finds that when it comes to nutrition, organic foods, such as meat, dairy, and produce, may not be worth the extra cash. While organics come at a premium, researchers say they are no healthier and not significantly safer than conventional foods and produce grown with pesticides’.


The New York Times ran a slightly different angle on the 4th September, posting under the heading; Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of Organic Meat and Produce


‘Stanford University scientists have weighed in on the “maybe not” side of the debate after an extensive examination of four decades of research comparing organic and conventional foods.’


We love all the debate. We love the fact that the world is talking about organic agriculture. We love the New York Times blog which addresses the Organic VS Conventional food debate. We love it when dieticians and nutritionists  are consulted to help separate fact from fiction, like on Sunrise where they discuss the ‘Organic Food Myth’.

The Channel Country Here is a map of the Channel Country region in outback Australia where our cattle roam freely on 250 species of native herbs & grasses.


We’re really proud to produce certified organic beef in the Channel Country region of Australia.


We’ll keep producing beef with-out the use of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides until someone convinces us to do otherwise. We haven’t heard a good reason yet and we’ve been farming this way for generations!


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We would love to hear your views on this important debate via our OBE twitter or OBE facebook sites.


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