Today, we shared Warak Enab in the OBE Organic head office, prepared using OBE Organic Beef by Sari Akkad’s Mum.

Warak Enab is more than a plate of food from his Mum’s kitchen. It represents a story of his family’s resilience, tradition and a connection to his Syrian culture.

As he watched his mother prepare the dish, it connected Sari to his birthplace in Maharada, Syria. She handled the grape leaves tenderly, telling stories of how in her childhood, it was a Syrian family tradition to make Warak Enab, and generation after generation followed in the same path.

Now, as we sit with one plate to share in our office, we realize that this is not just about food; it’s a reminder of who we are, where we have come from, and how love & respect for each other is what unites us.

Follow the recipe here.

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