OBE Organic’s strategy for sustainability is to create a virtuous circle. By protecting the environment, helping good organic producers flourish and improving the well-being of our animals, we can play our part in providing safe food for families of the world.




This report is for the 12 months ending 30 June 2016. It primarily covers the activities of the OBE Beef Pty Ltd and includes the actions of certified organic producers who supply us their livestock (where data is readily available)




We are taking a slow and strategic approach to sustainability based on the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard and its principles of Inclusivity, Materiality and Responsiveness.


We use sustainability to build the skills of our people, and to better manage the opportunities and risks facing our supply chain. To do this, all staff have been involved in:


• Mapping our stakeholders, including employees, producers, supply chain partners, organic industry bodies, distributors and retailers, and consumers


• Using the six UN Food and Agriculture Business Principles (UNFAB) as a framework to identify what sustainability topics impact our business, and conducting a materiality assessment to determine which of these topics have the greatest impact on our long-term success


• Developing a plan to manage material sustainability risks and opportunities identified through this process, and implementing this plan.




Inspired by the desert flowers of our outback heartland that flourish when conditions are right, we call our sustainability program FLOURISH.  By balancing and managing the risks and opportunities arising from economic, environmental and social aspects, we aim to help everyone in our supply chain flourish – especially family farmers.

OBE Flourish Graphic


Our FLOURISH Sustainability Program is also mapped against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) and is consistent with the Australian Meat Industry’s Strategic Plan 2020‘s strategic priorities.


As a small company with big ambitions, we must use our resources wisely to make an impact; we would rather make a real difference in a small number of areas than spread ourselves too thin. Forming partnerships and not reinventing the wheel are fundamental to our approach. In 2015/16 we were proud to work in partnership with:


• Grazing BMP • Livestock Biosecurity Network • Workplace Health & Safety Queensland, and Work Cover. • Pastoral Profit


Click here to download a summary of our work in 2015/16 to improve our productivity, sustainability and transparency For-distribution:-OBE-organic-FLOURISH-sustainability-summary-report-FY15-16


If you would like more detailed information about our sustainability initiatives, please email obe@obeorganic.net, visit www.obeorganic.net, or connect with us on social media @obeorganic


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