In June this year, OBE was pleased to welcome its first group of visitors from Taiwan. The cooperative sources natural and organic products for distribution to its membership base of 18,000 people.

Their visit to the Channel Country was part of a tour to Australia, to learn more about our clean, green production systems.

The group left Brisbane early on Tuesday morning. En-route to Birdsville they enjoyed a stopover in the small outback community of Windorah. The township is in the heart of the Cooper Catchment and recent floodwaters had encouraged abundant native grasses to germinate. Here they had the opportunity to chat with OBE farmers, as well as to see first hand how the cattle thrive on Channel Country pasutres.

The group continued on to Birdsville, where a celebration was held in their honour.

OBE enjoys the opportunity to introduce our overseas guests to the unique and special attributes of the Channel Country and its outback communities.

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