Andrew Blinco

General Manager - Operations

Andrew joined the OBE Organic team in April 2014 as a consultant before being appointed General Manager- Operations in January, 2015. In his role at OBE, Andrew manages and provides leadership, direction and guidance to the Sales, Logistics and Production teams.

Andrew is on the Thankful for Farmers advisory council where he uses his experience in Business Planning to assist the innitiative.

In 2019 Andrew completed the High Potentials Leadership Program offered by the Harvard Business School Leadership Initiative.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Science and complete his PhD in mathematics in 2003. Andrew has extensive experience in business analysis and project reporting, with seven years’ experience in the mining and construction industry, and prior experience in the financial and higher education sectors.

Prior to working with OBE, Andrew worked in a variety of places around the world. He has worked as a secondary school teacher in London; a university lecturer in Hangzhou, China; and Alabama & Illinois, USA; and on a copper mine project in Santiago, Chile.

Andrew now resides in Brisbane with his wife, Georgie, and their three daughters. He learnt Spanish to the necessary level to communicate effectively with members of the project team whist living in Chile.

Andrew can be contacted via email