Meet the expert: HR & Family Farms in Australia

Sharon Seymour Profile

We are pleased to introduce Sharon Seymour, a Human Relations Practitioner, who will be presenting at our forum next week, on HR considerations for farming families in Australia.


Ensure your family farm business is across the top industrial relations risks and have a raised understanding of how you can work to mitigate these. Don’t be one of the unlucky employers who thought everything was OK until it wasn’t and you end up in Fair Work Australia with a costly dispute being brought against you. Come to the OBE Innovation Forum on 7 August 2014 in Longreach to learn the easiest way to ensure your organisations compliance with the raft of industrial relations legislation in Australia.


We often think that our human resources policies, processes and practices are all fine as there have never been any issues raised. Unfortunately, many employers find out the hard way their HR practices are not so great only when someone brings a claim against them. By then it is too late and often extremely costly.


Organic farmers are already highly regulated and saturated with rules, regulations and legislation. The complexity of adding all the industrial relations changes on top makes business administration even more burdensome. With the move from State legislation to the Federal Fair Work Act in 2009 and the implementation of the Modern Award in 2010, many businesses have struggled to keep up with the pace of the legislative changes particularly where they do not have a need for dedicated HR employees. Sharon Seymour will help simplify the web of legislation to help you manage your business risks.


About Larosh

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Larosh can help through four key service delivery areas:

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• General HR advice / guidance and training.

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