Media Release: Organic Producers Embrace Grazing BMP


OBE Organic plans to host dedicated organic Grazing Best Management Practices (BMP) forums every six months after a resounding response from producers at the first OBE Organic Grazing BMP forum.

More than 70 organic beef producers and industry stakeholders attended the forum in Roma on Friday 21 August to be introduced to the Grazing BMP program.

Why Supporting Youth in Agriculture is a Must


As a company that has a vested interest in maintaining a sustainable beef production business, the team at OBE Organic is particularly focused on supporting youth interested in Australia’s important agriculture industry.

Sarah Rutledge, one of OBE’s Sales & Production Executives, is the company’s resident expert and advocate for engaging youth. Sarah is very active in professional organisations providing training and resources for youth interested in careers in agriculture.

OBE Organic’s Inaugural Innovation Forum a Success


OBE Organic recently hosted its first Innovation Forum for Australian beef producers. In hopes of attracting more producers of organic beef to meet the growing demand globally, OBE chose to hold the Forum at the Longreach Civic & Cultural Centre in Longreach, Queensland, an area with a large number of beef producers. The Forum brought together over 50 participants – primarily cattle farmers interested in organic production, some traveling several hundred kilometers to attend.

Meat & Livestock Australia Unveils New “True Aussie” Logo & Branding


Recently we learned from our partners at Meat & Livestock Australia, a producer-owned company providing marketing, research and development services to Australia’s red meat industry, that they are unveiling a new logo and branding for the country’s export meat. Being an exporting brand ourselves, we at OBE Organic have a vested interest in how beef from Australia is positioned in the global marketplace.