Our Mission & Values

“Our mission is to provide safe food for families of the world”.


We are working towards positively impacting the health of families around the world.

We have adopted the Six Food and Agriculture Business (FAB) Principles developed by the UN Global Compact.

These are to;

  • Support food and agricultural systems that optimise production and nutrition, and minimise wastage
  • Manage agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forests responsibly, to ensure that food systems intensify sustainably to meet growing global demand for food
  • Create, deliver and share value across the entire food and agriculture chain, from farmers to consumers.
  • Respect the human rights of farmers, workers and consumers by improving livelihoods and providing equal opportunities.
  • Practice good governance and accountability by respecting land and natural resource rights, avoiding corruption, and being transparent about the impact of business activities.
  • Promote access to information, knowledge and skills for more sustainable food and agricultural systems, and invest in building capacities of smallholders and small-and-medium enterprises.
These are our core values and they are what we believe in.
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