Bully Booth lives in the heart of the Australian outback, on Murnpeowie Station, an organic cattle property in remote South Australia. Bully was born into a lineage of drovers and cattle station workers and he has a deep-rooted connection to the land having worked in the cattle industry all his life. Bully has been witness to big changes in how we do things – from using horses to motorbikes but also changes in technology from running stations without a phone using only radios, to landlines and now mobiles. What hasn’t changed over the years is Bully’s commitment to people, animals and the environment. He has given many youngsters a head start in the industry, including Anthony Brook who returned to the family business following the death of his elder brother, Deon.

Early Years and Family

Bully’s story begins in the remote town of Birdsville, Queensland. Born to Phyllis Murray and Frank Booth Sr., he comes from a heritage of cattle station workers, with his father having been born on Anna Creek Station in South Australia. His strong work ethic has been passed down through generations.

Family plays a central role in Bully’s life. His mother, Phyllis, was the daughter of legendary drovers, Arthur and Flora Murray. Grandfather Arthur worked as head drover, while Nanna Flora managed the cooking and horse-tailing, all while caring for their numerous children.

Schooling in the Outback

In the remote setting of Birdsville, formal education was not readily accessible during Bully’s childhood. He attended primary school in Birdsville. When boarding school wasn’t a feasible option, his education extended to high school through correspondence.

A Life in the Outback

At the age of 14, Bully embarked on his first job on Adria Downs Station, where his father was running the mustering camp. This marked the beginning of his long career in the outback.

A Home in Birdsville

Bully is married to Joyleen (nee Butler), a connection which roots them deeply to the Birdsville region. Together, they raised their children, Fiona and Frank, in Birdsville. Their legacy now includes four beautiful grandchildren, further cementing their ties to the land and its people.

Commitment to Community

Bully’s commitment extends beyond his family to the broader Outback community. Over the years, he has contributed in a volunteer capacity to various organizations, including the Birdsville Race Club, Birdsville Social Club, and the Birdsville P & C Association.

OBE Organic

Bully’s involvement with OBE Organic goes back to the early 1990’s when our business was founded following a meeting of pastoralists in Thargomindah, QLD. He was working on Adria Downs Station, when it first attained organic certification over 20 years ago. He took the opportunity in 2008 to travel with OBE Organic to Singapore to learn more about export opportunities for our certified organic beef.

Bronco Branding Champion

Bully’s achievements extend beyond his management of organic cattle stations. He has achieved recognition as a Bronco Branding champion, participating in this exciting, competitive, outback sport and winning the Bronco Branding Australian Titles a few times.

The Importance of Commitment & Respect

In 2005, Bully took on the role of manager at Murnpeowie Station, a role he has held for the past 18 years. His love of animals is well known, from livestock to station horses as well as a fondness he shares for thoroughbred horse racing, alongside his wife, Joyleen.

If Bully were to impart advice, it would likely echo the values he lives by: “the importance of commitment and respect – to do your best with whatever resources you may have.”

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