About the Collaboration

OBE Organic is proud to be Australia’s oldest and most trusted organic beef marketing company: a company established and owned by family farmers. Our family farmers are united by a shared respect for the environment and their animals, and a commitment to produce the best possible organic beef. Our business was founded in the late 1990’s in Australia’s heartland, the Channel Country and we are committed to showcasing the places and people who make our certified organic beef so unique.

We’re excited to launch our second collaboration. This time, we are featuring images from Rhonda Heslin, an experienced cook who lives and works on Adria Downs Station in outback Australia. Adria Downs Station is certified organic and an important supplier of livestock to OBE Organic.

This collaboration will feature images taken by Rhonda, on Adria Downs Station in remote Outback Australia. Rhonda’s images serve to introduce you to people and animals which live in this unique & remote part of the world.

About Rhonda Heslin

Rhonda moved to Adria Downs Station in 2009, to support Manager’s Don and Judy Rayment as a cook, providing wholesome meals to their workforce. Prior to her move to Western Queensland, Rhonda worked in the Gulf, on Inverlee Station and in Winton at the Waltzing Matilda Centre.

She is devoted to her role on Adria Downs, describing how she loves ‘the country and its people’. Aside from her position as cook on the station, she also maintains a First Aid Certificate and is often roped into providing catering support at events like the Simpson Desert Ultra Marathon. She is proud of her son, Dan Heslin who works in a leadership role on neighbouring property, Alton Downs Station.

Rhonda describes taking photos as a hobby and loves taking photos of cattle but not snakes! She states clearly, ‘You won’t see a photo of a snake from me’!

This is not the first time we’ve featured images from Rhonda in OBE Organic’s social media feeds, but it is the first time we’ve collaborated to share a collated snapshot of the vast library of images of people and animals which she has collected over more than a decade of living and working on Adria Downs. We hope you enjoy our second collaboration with another talented female photographer from Outback Australia.

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